Today I choose to live a life free from fear! Free from oppression; I will move forward. I will no longer be a slave or possession. I will be strong and independent for myself and my family. Free from abuse. These thoughts could not be made possible without the help and encouragement that I received at WESRO. I am taking the steps needed to become a better member of society. No woman can do this alone without the support and help from a non-profit organization like this. I have been offered a second chance to accomplish my dreams and stand on my own feet. WESRO is helping so many people like me to break free from physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. I hope that others may recognize WESRO efforts and join this organization to help women everywhere make healthier lifestyle changes.


My name is G.A and I have a five year old son. I came to Canada in 1995 to live with my parents. I went back to my home country and got married. When I came back to Canada I found out that I was pregnant so I sponsored my husband so that we could be together as a family. When my husband came to Canada, we lived together for some months; then he began to abuse me. He abused me very badly - physically, verbally and emotionally but still I tried to keep the marriage because of my son. But eventually I realized that he did not have marriage on his mind; neither did he care about our relationship or my son. The abuse was so bad to the point where I feared for my life. He told me that he only married to me because he wanted to get his papers to come to Canada. It all happened when my son was two years old and I became very depressed. I felt very hopeless and in the end homeless with my son. We did not have anywhere to live but I know that God never dies. One day I met this woman called Vashti, who I found out later to be the Executive Director of WESRO who opened many doors for me and did everything she could through her organization to help me put my life together. People who dont have any hope, WESRO gives them hope and help people to better their lives. I would not be where I am today if it hadnt been for WESRO.
Because of WESRO, my son and I are not homeless today. WESRO gave me a lot of support and they were always there for me and my son. My wish for WESRO is that they would get some help from the government so that they can continue to operate so that many more lives like mine can be saved. I know that WESRO has helped so many people like me who did not have anywhere to live or anyone to turn to. I have a family but if I did not find WESRO my son and I would not be where we are today and probably we would not be alive. Thank you WESRO for giving me back my life. My prayer is for WESRO to keep going so that many more people can get the help that they need. I find this to be the best organization in Toronto for women who need the kind of help and support that they need when they are abused.


My name is Osmond and I am a male. I must comment on the excellent level of service received from Women of Excellence Support and Relief Organization (WESRO). Some people may think that WESRO is only a women's organization but it is surely not. On various occasions I have been to WESRO for assistance for various family matters. I was offered counseling and advice free of charge. WESRO also referred me to an agency when I needed a bed for a Newcomer to Canada. Whenever I need general advice and or help WESRO responses have always been prompt and extremely professional. I have never received this high level of professional service free of cost at any other organization. WESRO is truly an organization that should be supported and maintained within our community. It has been helping me and I am truly grateful. Keep up the good work WESRO.


As a young man, I came to know WESRO when I went through an extremely rough period in my life. With the help of WESRO I overcame my situation and went back to school to upgrade my skills in payroll and accounting. Since I finished school, I now have a full-time payroll job with benefits in a great company. Thank you WESRO for opening doors that I never believed were possible. Your services to me and the community are exceptional and will always be necessary.


I am a recipient of WESRO. In 2003, I was a victim of abuse and domestic violence by my ex-husband where I was wrongfully arrested. I found myself in a terrible position where I needed somewhere to stay but had no one to turn to because I couldn't go back to my home. So, I called WESRO for help and they didn't hesitate to offer help to me in the form of food and shelter. When the organization saw that I was settled, WESRO proceeded in finding me a lawyer to prove my innocence and clear my name. WESRO was a big help to me and my daughter. We received counselling and good encouragement where I was motivated in going back to school which I did and have received my High School Diploma and now attends College.
Benevolently, WESRO did all they could to help me and my daughter and when they didn't have the answers the Executive Director would get on the phone and callaround until she gets the answer for me. Without WESRO, there would be lots of helpless, miserable people walking around Toronto. I appreciate the help that I got from WESRO and the support I am still getting. I am very happy with WESRO and the help they offer to me and everyone else. Thank you WESRO.


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