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Women of Excellence Support and Relief Organization (WESRO) is a registered non-profit charity that was founded in 2004 by Vashti Anderson; a woman who has a strong passion and a long history of helping people. Vashti saw the need to help women fight abuse and domestic violence and started by using her home as a shelter to rescue women and their children. In February 2006 with hard work and dedication by its founder WESRO gained its charitable status. Over the years, without any government funding or support, under the strong leadership of its founder, WESRO has successfully helped over 500 women and their children to escape abuse and domestic violence allowing them to have safer, healthier and better quality of life. Additionally, WESRO helped hundreds more other women who faced various crisis in their lives. Today, WESRO continues to save and rebuild the lives of many abused women by responding to their needs and providing a wide assortment of programs and services free of charge. WESRO services women and disadvantaged youths from all ethnicity and from across all boundaries. We believe that with a good structured support system women especially those who have been abused and or living in abusive environments and domestic violence survivors can overcome the many challenges they may face and move forward in maximizing their capabilities. WESRO empowers and motivate women to overcome their situation, excel and reach their full potentials. WESRO is also committed to help build strong, healthy and safe communities where women and their children can feel safe and free.

WESRO is governed by a Board of Directors and its governing document, a Charter. WESRO is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly everyday to help in the eradication of women abuse, domestic violence and poverty. WESRO is not government funded and is supported by members giving, donors, local and corporate sponsors. WESRO does not discriminate; our programs and services are open and accessible to all women and disadvantaged youths regardless of ethnicity, background, religious beliefs, mental and physical disabilities.

WESRO mission is to help abused women and their children, domestic violence survivors, women in crisis and disadvantaged youths to overcome, stabilize and rebuild their lives. WESRO supports, strengthens, encourage and empower women to take charge of their lives and to reach their full potentials.

WESRO Aim is to help in the fight against abuse, domestic violence and poverty by generating assistance, knowledge, skills and information to women and disadvantaged youths, especially those who are living in high risk communities.

Charitable Registration # 85037 6591 RR0001

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